1. Brand Story: JUOOE is a celebration of life's joyous moments. Founded in the passion and dedication of a group of craftspeople, JUOOE began as a small brand that believed in the power of giving and the joy it brings. Our journey started with a handful of exquisite Christmas ornaments, lovingly crafted photo frames, and thoughtfully designed trinkets. Over time, we've diversified our offerings to cater to various occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, and more. We’ve become a hallmark of love and special moments, capturing milestones with our items and infusing a sense of warmth, joy, and exclusivity into each piece.

  2. Brand Motivation: Our motivation at JUOOE is centered around enriching and celebrating life's joyous moments. We're driven to create pieces that elicit genuine happiness, encapsulating memories, and solidifying emotions. We believe in the power of a thoughtful gift and its ability to connect hearts, and we strive to bring this to life through our unique and artful designs.

Brand Spirit: Our spirit lies in our unwavering commitment to quality and heartfelt creativity. We are about more than just products; we are about creating significant experiences, sparking joy, and fostering stronger connections. Our spirit is joy, love, and connection encapsulated in every handcrafted piece.

Brand Vision: Our vision is to be an integral part of every memorable moment and special celebration around the world. We aspire to elevate the gifting experience, making JUOOE synonymous with love, joy, and heartfelt memories. We aim to infuse a dose of happiness into every occasion and to become a trusted partner in celebrating life's precious moments.

Brand Slogan: "JUOOE: Encapsulating Joy, Crafting Memories."